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Germany launches expression of interest call for 10GW of solar manufacturing Jun 29, 2023

Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) has launched a request for expressions of interest (EoI) in a bid to boost the country's solar PV manufacturing supply chain. The goal is to build up 10GW of solar PV manufacturing per year across the entire value chain, from silicon to modules, with a capacity of at least 2GW per year for modules alone.

The EoI aims to encourage companies to set up manufacturing facilities in Germany and thereby increase the country's domestic solar manufacturing capacity. The BMWK has set forth a few requirements, such as a module efficiency higher than 24% and the use of recyclable materials in the manufacturing process. So far, the response to the EoI has been positive, with many companies expressing interest in setting up production facilities in Germany.

This move towards domestic solar manufacturing is critical for Germany's economic security, according to Robert Habeck, Federal Economics and Climate Protection Minister. He stated that Germany needs its own production capacities for central transformation technologies and that this is not only a question of economic reason but also one of economic security. The EU's new subsidy framework offers opportunities for this, and Germany aims to take advantage of them. Starting with photovoltaics, the country hopes to establish permanent photovoltaic production in Germany by financially supporting lighthouse projects. This not only strengthens our technological sovereignty but also our energy-political sovereignty.

Germany has long been one of the leading European countries in terms of solar technology, with companies such as Wacker Chemie, Meyer Burger, and Aiko Solar investing in research and development facilities in the country. In addition to this, the country is also a key market for solar mounting systems. German companies, such as Schletter and Renusol, are some of the leading solar mounting system manufacturers in the world. As solar technology evolves, the importance of the solar panel mounting systems increases. The mounting system serves as a critical link between the solar panel, which generates power, and the building's structure.

In conclusion, Germany's efforts to boost domestic solar manufacturing capacity will help to ensure the country's energy security, while also nurturing its technological sovereignty. With innovation in solar panel technology growing by leaps and bounds, the country's solar panel manufacturers could be at the forefront of the next wave of progress in the worldwide shift towards renewable energy sources.

article reposted from pv-tech.org

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